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Quality software engineering for tight budgets

We are a small group of software engineers who decided to join forces to reach the highest customer satisfaction rates and quality standards. Let's be honest, so far we are a tiny company, so we see our customers as the most precious treasure and we work hard to make them happy and successful, so we can grow together.
You can hire the whole team or just cherry pick the professional you need.

About us

Magd Kudama - Software engineer

Magd Kudama

Software engineer

Our Symfony2 certified developer! He has a great understanding of the Symfony2 ecosystem and knows virtually all parts of it. Magd is a continuous learner and a best-practices follower. He can be part of a project in any field, as he loves both frontend and backend development.

Jonathan Ruiz - DevOps engineer

Jonathan Ruiz

DevOps engineer

Jonathan is an active and dynamic professional who has developed his career mainly in the fields of information technology and computer telecommunications. He works to stay up to date and enjoys exploring new technologies and ways to improve the team performance and knowledge.

Shahad Kudama - Project manager

Shahad Kudama

Project manager

Shahad got her degree in Computer Engineering at Jaume I University in Castellon, Spain obtaining a Honorific Mention in the National Prices of Best Academic Rendiment. She finished her Master studies abour e-commerce in Salamanca and Intelligent Systems in Castellon. She loves managing and organising projects.

Paula Montañés - Graphic designer

Paula Montañés

Graphic designer

Our graphic designer and Adobe suite guru. She got style, fashion sense and docens of books about usuability and accesibility which she loves to read.


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